Our Ethics and Fair Trade Gold

our ethics and fair trade gold

We use eco, recycled and fair trade materials wherever possible.

Eco and recycled gold uses gold that has been bought in the form of scrap from market sectors such as the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronics industries. Using this type of gold eliminates the worry of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining today. 

Erin Cox is proud to be registered as a fair trade designer, pieces made using the fair trade 18ct white or yellow gold will bear the instantly recognisable fair trade logo alongside the hallmark inside each ring.

Choosing fair-trade for your wedding ring means that you are supporting miners and their communities. You can read more about fair trade here.

We hope in the future that all of our wedding rings will be made using fair-trade gold, and are researching options for 9ct golds, currently due to the temperatures and methods required for making the molten rings this is not yet possible.