Customise your ring

There is several ways of customising your ring to make it all the more personal to you.

choose your finish

Choose your finish

When ordering your rings you will be asked what sort of finish you would like. All our rings are highly polished as standard but you can have them matte. These finishes mean the ring will be less shiny and you will have a subtle scratch texture and the colour will look a little darker.

There is no charge for this service.


Diamond set

All of our rings are available diamond set - they can be either ‘gypsy set’ or ‘micro pavé’ set. Gypsy set stones are flush within the band. The metal is rubbed up around the stone to hold it in place. They can be grouped together or set sporadically around the band. Different sized diamonds can be used to fit the contours of the ring.

Micro pavé stones are set into a channel within the band and tiny balls of metal are drawn up to hold them in place. Stones are grouped together and a range of sized diamonds are used to follow the contours of the ring. With ether type of setting different coloured diamonds are available. Prices start from £75 for a 1.5mm diamond. Diamond sizes available for setting will depend on the depth of ring. Please contact us for a chat about what you would require and a quote.

sentimental gold

Sentimental gold

Do you have gold that belonged to a family member or loved one? Have you thought about having one of our Molten Wedding Rings cast with your own gold? Although we do not offer this service directly, our designer Erin Cox can. You can get in contact with her here. Erin or one of her team will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and the process.



Our Molten wedding rings have unique undulations that most engagement rings fit snuggly into, but if you have an unusual shaped ring you may want your molten band shaped so that the two fit together nicely. This can can be done in two ways - choosing a wider band and having a section cut out for your other ring to lock into or by having your band shaped to fit around. We would need to have your existing ring for a period of time to ensure the two worked together. There is no set price for this service, however a quote can be provided upon request. Contact us to discuss your requirements.



Any of our rings can be personalised with initials, a date or both. Rings are engraved by hand on the inside and costs £75 for 10 characters. Please contact us should you want this service or require additional characters.