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fairtrade gold

We are proud to support the Fairtrade foundation by making wedding rings using fairtrade gold. As jewellers we feel it is really important to encourage good practice wherever possible, for our own piece of mind if nothing else. Each ring made using fairtrade gold is certified and bears the recognisable fairtrade logo stamp, this is applied at the London assay office during hallmarking.

Fairtrade gold is produced fairly and transparently. It is only available through select suppliers and is mined in accordance with standards set by fair trade international.

When choosing your Molten Wedding Ring to be made with fairtrade gold you directly make a difference to the miners, their families and benefit their community as a whole. Your support provides them with the chance to be paid a fair price, have better working conditions, use safe mining practices that include safe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the extraction of gold. They are able to build their futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and make their own way to prosperity.

There are currently 16 million small scale gold miners and further 100 million people who indirectly rely on small scale mining for a living – miners, their families and their communities, only a fraction of these mines are registered as fair trade. Small scale mining is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, and miners often work in very remote and harsh conditions with little or no health and safety measures in place. Fairtrade Gold offers a lifeline to these miners, drives up standards, limits the environmental impact of mining and dramatically improves the welfare and prospects of mining families and communities.

Fairtrade gives strict standards on working conditions, women’s rights, child labour and environment management; in return miners gain access to markets and receive the Fairtrade Premium – the extra sum they receive to develop their businesses and invest into their communities. The premium is a sum of money paid ON TOP of the agreed minimum price. It is currently $2 per gram of gold. In 2013/2014 Fairtrade mines sold 60kg of gold and received $316,000 in premium payments.


Fairtrade Gold in SOTRAMI, Peru

Set in a remote and desolate part of the Andes mountains, 70 miles from the nearest town, SOTRAMI is a lifeline for the 300 miners of the Santa Filomena community, who depend on the mine to provide employment, and to allow them to invest in education, health, electricity and clean water.  Since 2011 SOTRAMI has earned over £80,000 in Fairtrade Premium from sales of Fairtrade certified gold.

The miners have used their premium to buy beds and mattresses for the local clinic, provide electricity for primary and secondary schools and set up a bursary fund for families to help pay for school fees. Victor Juan Hurtado Padella, 67, Deputy Mayor of Santa Filomena, explained: “We have learnt that children should not work but should be in school.”

Discover more about the positive effects Fairtrade Gold can have on the Fairtrade website.

Fairtrade gold is traceable from mine to finished retail product. The Fairtrade stamp is applied to certified products to show the customer that the gold is traceable.