Let's hear it for the boy

Not always, but generally, it is assumed that weddings are for women, and wedding planning is often slanted towards the bride. However it is as of equal importance to the men too; so this one’s for the boys. 

On a day that celebrates the joining of two individuals lives it is great when both the groom and bride get involved with all the exciting planning. From food, to music, to who to pick as your best man, there are plenty of decisions to make. Now we can’t tell you who’s the  right choice for your best man between your oldest friend, who is reliably unreliable, or your brother, who will send everyone to sleep during the best man speech. What we can most definitely advise you on, is your wedding ring. This is a decision not to be overlooked as from the moment you say ‘I do’, this is an item of jewellery that you will be wearing every day from that day on. 

So let’s start with the simple easy part; ring size. Knowing your ring size saves a lot of hassle when trying on rings or ordering samples. For an accurate reading your hands shouldn’t be too hot or cold when measuring.  Ring size can be measured using string, or tape around the circumference of your finger. Then with that measurement in mm, you can compare on a sizing chart, this can be found here. If your measurement falls between two sizes, go for the larger size to ensure that it’s comfortable. 

The decision making isn’t over yet. Once you’re happy with the ring size, another factor to consider is the ring width. Width is important to consider as it can determine how comfortable the ring is on your finger. Therefore the best way to decide on this is to try rings on. Our sample service is great for this; we can send you a silver sample ring so that you can try on the width you think you want and see if  you’re happy and comfortable with the feel before you commit to your order in gold or platinum. 

The next decision to make is the fun part, what metal to choose? For some, this is easy, however for others it is not. You will be influenced by numerous factors. For instance, what you’re used to wearing, to what compliments the jewellery or watches you wear at the moment. Erin goes into more detail about choosing the right metal for you on her earlier blog which you can find here

Now we’ve taken you through all the steps and the rest is down to you to make that all important decision. However you have to do it alone, ask a friend, or your partner or one of us. Our team are always happy to help you with any questions you may have, feel free to get in touch!

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