Matching your engagement ring

Over the years many customers have visited us and been surprised by how well their "normal" engagement ring has looked alongside a molten wedding ring.

For some they have felt that they have seen so many standard wedding rings and just wanted something to make their engagement ring be a little different. Our molten wedding rings have sat wonderfully with very straight edged ring with princess cut diamonds, as well as traditional claw set round diamond or cluster rings. 

As a general rule if you intend to wear your wedding ring alongside your engagement ring it should be made of the same carat of metal. This is due to wear, when putting two metals next to one another they will rub, if one is much harder than the other this rubbing will happen quicker on the softer metal. You can choose a different colour if you are looking at gold, but platinum rings should really be matched with platinum. If however you have a platinum setting on a gold band, gold will be a fine choice.


Do get in touch if you have any questions regarding wedding rings, we are happy to help.