Metal choices


For some people their preferred metal choice is a simple one, for instance they have always worn silver so they choose platinum for their wedding ring. For others they have never considered which metal they prefer the colour of, and we make it a little more difficult by having a choice when it comes to white gold; which is often only available plated to look like platinum!

If you wear other jewellery, or a watch it may be worth considering what you tend to go towards with those. If for instance you love a matt steel bracelet on your watches, then an 18ct white gold would be a good choice. If you tend to choose a leather bracelet, and like a classic deign an 18ct yellow gold could be best. 

9ct gold contains 37.5% gold, the rest of the alloy is made up using other metals. This means that 9ct yellow gold has a pale yellow tone, 9ct white gold has a warm yellow/silver tone, and 9ct red has a good copper tone.

18ct gold contains 75% gold with the rest of the alloy being made up of other metals, we use a good quality white gold which has a wonderful steel grey colour, the 18ct yellow gold has a good strong gold tone.

Platinum has a good white colour, when viewed alongside white gold and silver it is almost blue. It is a very dense metal, a ring made in platinum will weigh nearly 1/3rd more than the same ring in gold.

If you have any questions regarding which metal to choose please do get in touch.