Black Brides Matter

It’s wonderful to be part of the wedding industry - to be able to share in the joy of other’s in the build up to their big day. But it is easy to get complacent and think everyone has a positive experience planning their wedding. Unfortunately there are people who are not fairly represented and struggle to find inspiration and suppliers who understand their needs.

“We all have stories we have experienced first-hand, a sister who was asked to be a flower girl who doesn’t feel pretty as she cannot see photos that reflect her on Pinterest and thinks her hair should be straight and blonde. A makeup artist looking for inspiration for her black bride and all she can find is traditional Nigerian bridal images online, Hair Style inspiration for black hair is so limited that you revert to braids for your big day or doing it yourself. We cannot dream of a gorgeous wedding no matter the theme, /boho/contemporary/elegant/wild/outdoor/romantic wedding if we cannot see ourselves reflected in them,“ Says Kesri & Leesha who coordinated the shoot.

It is easy to stereo type black brides and their needs - the aim of the shoot was to try and create “One that could inspire us and future black brides and make society look also at black brides for inspiration”

We were honoured to be part of the movement and are blown away with the images and that it has been featured on Rock My Wedding. You can see the whole article here. #blackbridesmatter. But here is a little sneak peek. Please take a look below at all the amazing suppliers who made this happen.