If music be the food of love . . . play on.

Your walk down the aisle is a wonderful experience, and will stay with both, and your friends and family forever. The music you choose represents you and your partner, the moment that you have been planning and building up to is here, what will you be listening to?

Lily shared her beautiful aisle song story with me this afternoon. Her old music teacher wanted to do something special for her big day, so offered to play the organ for the ceremony. While in school he taught her how to play the Wedding String Quartet (Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel) on the flute so that was obviously the natural choice. Lily felt elated as she made her way to her husband-to-be listening to the piece of music that meant so much to her. The original piece of music is rather long so they shortened it a little.

In the evening Lily and James' friends band played into the night, followed by a DJ and a break dancing competition, but that's not for everyone. But this only highlights things to consider. Are your music choices something to be shared with world, including Great Aunt Edna.? You need something that reflects your personalities, but is also something that is wedding appropriate. We personally hate the phrase, "wedding appropriate" but alas sometimes there is a time and a place.

Lily's advice :

  • "consider the length of your walk and adapt or choose music to suit, waiting for the music to end after the walk"
  • "don't edit out your personalities, but do think about your wedding play list and whether you feel happy and comfortable for all and sundry to listen to it. 
  • what does your first dance song say about you, are there any other meanings to the song, you don't want to be slow dancing to Every Breath You Take by Sting, because that's creepy. 


Erin Cox