Our Story

The molten style began in 2005 with a collection aptly named serendipity by Devon based jeweller Erin Cox. This signature collection, that came about through playing with metal and pushing it to it's limits while in it's molten state, has developed over years of perfecting. The refined, fluid, molten texture features in all of Erin's jewellery collections in silver, gold and platinum. 

The "Molten Wedding Ring Company" was born from a desire to make unique wedding rings that are ethical, luxurious and timeless with a modern twist. The rings have a raw elegance, beautiful when worn alone, yet will sit well alongside modern and traditional engagement rings.

Each ring is made using the traditional techniques of casting, filing and hammering. Then is hand finished in our Devon based studio, before being carefully checked and sent on to it's new owner.

Erin still creates stunning fine jewellery in her workshop in Exeter, Devon. You can visit her website or boutique shop where you will find cabinets filled with timeless pieces of beautiful jewellery that are made to Erin's exacting high standards.