2.8mm Bray ring

2.8mm Bray ring

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This wedding ring is a nicely chunky ring that sits well alongside deeper engagement rings.

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Measuring 2.3mm - 2.8mm wide and 2.2mm deep, this is the deepest ladies wedding ring that we make. The signature molten detail around the band this ring is perfect worn alone, it can sit well alongside traditional and contemporary engagement rings with the undulations snuggling into any gemstone settings. 

Available in 

9ct white, yellow or rose gold

18ct yellow or white gold


Fairtrade 18ct white or yellow gold

Our natural white gold has no rhodium plating, the 18ct is a beautiful steel/grey tone, and the 9ct has a warm yellow/grey tone. They will not change colour or need to be sent off for refinishing. We believe that rings should be able to be worn all of the time not be something that you have to worry about, with this white gold you will be able to wear your wedding ring for all of your adventures. If you require plating we can offer this service, and will use a good quality hard plating which is superior to most standard rhodium plated rings, but we do warn that this will still wear over time.