5.5mm 18ct White Gold Wolf Ring

5.5mm 18ct White Gold Wolf Ring

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A nice weighty ring that works well for men or women as a stand alone wedding ring.


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With a heavy molten detail around the edge this is the most textured ring in the collection.

A 5.5mm width and 2mm depth make this a wonderfully weight. You can choose from a polished, soft matt or heavy matt surface finish to suit your taste. Our natural white gold has no rhodium plating, the 18ct is a beautiful steel/grey tone. It wont not change colour or need to be sent off for refinishing. We believe that rings should be able to be worn all of the time not be something that you have to worry about, with this white gold you will be able to wear your wedding ring for all of your adventures. If you require plating we can offer this service, and will use a good quality hard plating which is superior to most standard rhodium plated rings, but we do warn that this will still wear over time.

Available in

9ct gold yellow | white | red  

18ct gold yellow 


This ring is also available in fair trade 18ct yellow or white gold