3mm Tavy ring 18ct fairtrade white gold

3mm Tavy ring 18ct fairtrade white gold

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The widest of the ladies ring and most recent addition to the collection. It is wide without being too chunky. This is a beautiful ring that looks good alongside narrow or wide engagement rings and works perfectly when worn alone.

Metal colour:
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3mm wide and 1.5mm deep the gentle undulations on the edge of this ring make it perfect for anyone that would like a ring that is a little different but wish to wear it alongside a straighter band ring.

Available in fair trade 18ct white or yellow gold.

Each fairtrade gold ring bears the fairtrade logo alongside the hallmark.By choosing to have your beautifully crafted wedding ring made in fairtrade gold you are making a real difference to the miners and their communities.  It means that they are paid a fair price so that they can build on their futures, investing in schools, better working conditions and improved healthcare.

Our natural white gold has no rhodium plating, the 18ct is a beautiful steel/grey tone. They will not change colour or need to be sent off for refinishing. We believe that rings should be able to be worn all of the time not be something that you have to worry about, with this white gold you will be able to wear your wedding ring for all of your adventures. If you require plating we can offer this service, and will use a good quality hard plating which is superior to most standard rhodium plated rings, but we do warn that this will still wear over time.